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July 27, 2010 (Special Meeting - 6 PM)



Tuesday, July 27, 20106:00 p.m.

698 Second Street, Room 102


The meeting was called to order at
6:00 PM.

1.         ROLL CALL

Commission President

Stephen A. Nakajo


Commission Vice President

Andrea Evans



George Lau



Victor Makras





Chief of Department

Joanne Hayes-White



Patrick Gardner

Deputy Chief – Operations

Monica Fields

Deputy Chief - Administration

Assistant Deputy Chiefs


Barbara Schultheis

Fire Prevention & Investigation

Frank Cardinale

Division of Training

David Sullivan

Airport Division

Tom Doudiet

Support Services

Mark Kearney

Homeland Security

Assistant Chiefs



Art Kenney

Division 2

Tom Siragusa

Division 3




Sebastian Wong

EMS Section Chief

Mark Corso

Chief Financial Officer




Discussion and possible action to recommend that the Board of Supervisors approve contracts with the Presidio Trust and with the National Park Service (NPS). 


President Stephen Nakajo asked Chief Hayes-White to introduce Agenda Item 2.  Chief Hayes-White first introduced Ret. Deputy Chief Gary Massetani and acknowledged the members of the Presidio Trust and National Park Service that were present.


Chief Hayes-White asked Ret. Deputy Chief Gary Massetani to present the item. 

With appreciation, Chief Hayes-White noted that Ret. Chief Massetani continues to be a most dedicated member of the department, appearing once again to present the item for conclusion.


Ret. Chief Massetani explained that the contracts and resolutions before the Commission are the culmination of 18 months of negotiations with the Presidio Trust and the National Park Service. Ret. Chief Massetani gave a brief history of the Department’s relationship with the Presidio. In 1994 the Presidio Fire Department signed an agreement with the Fire Department for mutual aid response into the Presidio. The original staffing in the Presidio included one engine, one truck and one ambulance.  Over the last two years, the truck company was eliminated, leaving just the truck company and one ambulance. Craig Middleton, Executive Director of the Presidio Trust and the late Brian O'Neill, Superintendent of the National Park Service, requested the San Francisco Fire Department to work with them to determine the proper level of service for the area and also to ask for assistance. 


Chief Massetani personally acknowledged the members of the Presidio Trust and National Park Service with whom he has worked: Jeff Dice, representing Executive Director Craig Middleton; Kathleen Canton, operating manager for the Trust, and Karen Cook, legal counsel From the National Park Service Ret. Chief Massetani acknowledged Mike Savage, representing Frank Dean and Dee Barwick, legal counsel. From the Department, Ret. Chief Massetani recognized Chief Joanne Hayes-White, Deputy Chief Patrick Gardner, CFO Mark Corso and Lt. Bill Storti.  Finally, Department Counsel, Deputy City Attorney Katie Porter was acknowledged for her important role drafting the contracts.


Ret. Chief Massetani focused on the highlights of the contract and services the Department will provide.  Engine 51 will be stationed on Lincoln Way with an ALS (advance life support) engine and 24/7 ambulance coverage.  The Department will provide an all hazard, fire and medical response, providing technical rescues including high and low angle, water, confined space, and hazardous materials response.  This is an all risk emergency team with the ability to respond to a first alarm fire up to a fifth alarm.  Fire prevention will not be included in the contract.


The initial term of the contract agreement is October 1, 2010, through September 30, 2020.  The GGNRA and the Presidio Trust have the option to extend the agreement on the same terms and conditions for three consecutive year periods with up to five-year extensions, subject to the Department agreement and with approval from the City and County’s Office of Contract Administration. 


Beginning October 1 through September 30, 2011, reimbursement in the amount of $756,865.11 for the contract for services, will be paid to the city by the GGNRA.  The Presidio Trust will pay the city $3.5 million. The contract itself will have annual adjustments with a maximum cumulative cap each year.  The most that both agencies would pay would be the $4.4 million.  Should the Department’s cost to provide service for a given year exceed the $4.4 million, that money would be included in the debt and the Department could recoup the cost.


Ret. Chief Massetani explained that on approval of the two contracts by the Fire Commission at this meeting, the Department will make conditional job offers to 15 federal primary personnel – 12 H-2 firefighters and three H-3 level two paramedics.  Four alternates will also be notified in the event any of the 15 do not pass the background inspection and physical test.


On Tuesday, August 4, the item will be heard for approval by the Budget and Finance Committee and then by the full Board on Tuesday, August 10.  The final step will be for the Mayor to approve and sign the adopted resolutions.  At that time, the Department will make final job offers to the 15 personnel on August 24 and 25.  The academy will be scheduled to start on August 30, with commencement of the contract on October 1, 2010.


On behalf of Chief Hayes-White, the San Francisco Fire Department, Presidio Trust, and the GGNRA, Ret. Chief Massetani recommended that the Commission approve and support the implementation of the contracts and services as set forth. 

President Nakajo thanked Ret. Chief Massetani for his work as the main architect of the project.  He also welcomed and acknowledged the members of the Presidio Trust and National Park Service.

Commissioner Lau asked for clarification on the personnel costs to staff Station 51.  Ret. Chief Massetani replied that all of the costs, which include overhead, management and surge capacity, were included in the negotiated price of the overall $4.3 million.


Commissioner Makras remarked that the liability and indemnity coverage is less than he had expected.  Chief Hayes-White responded that Deputy City Attorney Katie Porter prepared the contracts.  Ms. Porter was comfortable with the language and a narrow enough indemnification provision.  Additionally, the city is self-insured.  The contracts were signed off by Matt Hanson from the city’s Risk Management division.  Chief Hayes-White commented that in previous experiences with Risk Management, they tend to be extremely conservative.


Vice President Evans inquired why park police were included in the waiver provision.  Ret. Chief Massetani asked Mr. Savage from the National Park Service to respond.  Mr. Savage replied that the United States Park Police is an agency of the Department of the Interior which provides service to the Presidio Trust on Presidio lands in their exclusive jurisdiction.  The Presidio Trust cannot enter into an agreement with the city that holds the U.S. Park Police liable in any way.  The U.S. Park Police would have to be a co-signatory to the agreement.  They operate on the Presidio solely for the purpose of law enforcement and nothing else.  Discussions ensued.


President Nakajo called for public comment on Agenda Item 2. 


Mike Savage, Director of Strategic Planning for the Golden Gate Recreational Area echoed Chief Hayes-White’s comments regarding Ret. Deputy Chief Gary Massetani.  Mr. Savage stated that Ret. Chief Massetani has been a fierce advocate for the interests of both the Department and the city.  He recognized the value of public benefit in extending the Department’s services to the Presidio and continuing to provide the services they perform in other national park lands in San Francisco.  Mr. Savage expressed appreciation to Chief Hayes-White for her support and commitment to the Presidio personnel to bring 15 of those members on board.


Mr. Jeff Dice, Chief Operating Officer of the Presidio Trust thanked President Nakajo and the Commission, Chief Hayes-White and Ret. Chief Massetani for all of their efforts.  He stated that he looks forward to welcoming the San Francisco Fire Department to the Presidio and recognizes the level of service that the Department can provide.  Mr. Dice added that it has been a pleasure to work with Ret. Chief Massetani, Deputy Chief Patrick Gardner, CFO Mark Corso and all of the other individuals that took part in the process.  Mr. Dice also extended gratitude from Craig Middleton, Executive Director of the Presidio Trust, who was not able to attend.


President Nakajo remarked that the joining together of the National Park Service and Presidio Trust with the San Francisco Fire Department is exciting and unprecedented.  He acknowledged Chief Hayes-White, Ret. Chief Massetani, members of the Administrative team, the Commission, and in particular Commissioner Victor Makras for supporting what is best for the Department.


President Nakajo called for a motion to recommend that the Board of Supervisors approve contracts with the Presidio Trust and National Park Service.  Commissioner Makras so moved.  Vice President Evans seconded and the vote to approve was unanimous.


Discussion and possible action to recommend that the Board of Supervisors approve the appointment by the Department of fifteen permanent career civilian federal firefighters terminated from employment by the closure of the Presidio Fire Service.  The appointment authority is granted under California Government Code §53270.

President Nakajo asked Chief Hayes-White to introduce the resolution.  Chief Hayes-White encouraged the Commission to support the Department’s efforts to bring 15 members that will be displaced by the contract which was just approved.  Approximately 29 permanent career federal firefighters were given the opportunity to interview with Chief Hayes-White, former Deputy Chief Gary Massetani, and Human Resources Director Jesusa Bushong.  The candidates were excellent and well qualified.  The Department is prepared to offer 15 conditional appointments conditional on the successful completion of a medical exam, background investigation and CPAT, the physical agility test.  In the event any of the 15 fail to pass, the Department has provisions to send offer letters to four alternates. 


This has been a period of anxiety for the Presidio members and their families, and they have all been professional despite the uncertainty.  Chief Hayes-White acknowledged Ret. Chief Massetani and Jesusa Bushong for pulling together the interviewing process and the offers of conditional appointment.


Ret. Chief Massetani added that entry into the Department will not be a lateral transfer.  12 of the15 members will be hired as new entry level H-2 firefighters, and three will be entry level H-3 level two single function paramedics. Typical academy classes last between 12 and 14 weeks.  Because these firefighters have experience, the academy will last roughly six weeks.  The 12 firefighters will serve a probationary period for roughly six months on an engine and six months on a truck at other stations to give them the depth of operations throughout the Department.


President Nakajo called for public comment on Agenda Item 3.  No members of the public came forward and President Nakajo closed public comment.


President Nakajo called for a motion to recommend that the Board of Supervisors approve the appointment of fifteen permanent career civilian federal firefighters.  Commissioner Makras so moved.  Commissioner Lau seconded and the vote to approve was unanimous.


President Nakajo thanked the Department, the members of the Presidio Trust, National Park Service and the Commission for sealing the partnership. 


At the June 24, meeting Chief Hayes-White introduced Monica Fields, newly appointed Deputy Chief of Administration, replacing retiring Deputy Chief Gary Massetani, and Mark Kearny, newly appointed Assistant Deputy Chief of Homeland Security, replacing retiring Chief Brendan O’Leary.  Chief Hayes-White announced the most recent appointments of Dave Sullivan, Assistant Deputy Chief of the Airport Division, replacing retired Chief Casserly, and Tom Doudiet, Assistant Deputy Chief of Support Services, replacing Michael Thompson who returned to his Battalion Chief position.


President Nakajo acknowledged the outgoing members and congratulated the incoming Chiefs assuming new responsibilities.  President Nakajo thanked Vice President Evans, Commissioner Lau and Commissioner Makras for their support during his recovery.  He remarked that he was pleased to be a part of the historical vote to work with the Presidio, consistent with the Commission’s dedication to support the Department.


4.         ADJOURNMENT    


President Nakajo adjourned the meeting at 7:05 p.m.

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